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permanent sales post!

welcome to my pkmncollectors community sales!



- sales permission was granted by areica96 on december 17, 2015!
- feedback:
- ALL community rules apply!
- paypal only please!
- IF YOU BUY FROM ME, PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! i want to know how i'm doing! i will return the favor!

- prices are in usd, and i only accept usd!
- prices INCLUDE PP FEES, but exclude shipping. shipping starts at 3$!

- payment must be sent within 24 hours!
- i ship from virginia, usa!
- items come from a smoke and fluffy pet free home! i will clean anything i ship before it's sent out if requested!
- i will mail smaller flats in regular envelopes.
- things like trettas, battrio pucks, coins, etc CANNOT be shipped as flats (i've tried.)
- i cannot ship internationally at this time, apologies!
- i will not sell to banned or non-community members.
- i do not do holds. i need everything here GONE.
- i do my best to ship items out every saturday, but things can sometimes come up! dont buy from me if you're not comfortable with this! i will always let you know when your purchase has been shipped!
- i am open to trades and haggling! for trades, check out my wants list!
- please don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have!
- please feel free to request more pictures of an item!


jakks talking piplup NO TAGS: 7$
jakks axew TTO: 5$
jakks buizel TTO, loved: 3$
jakks zorua TTO: 5$
bootleg umbreon pokedoll TTO: 2$
tomy fennekin TTO 7$
pokecen dedenne pokedoll ALL TAGS: 10$
pokecen treeko pokedoll ALL TAGS: 10$
tomy pikachu ALL TAGS: 5$
bootleg pokecen umbreon TTO: 4$



jakks staraptor, working: 6$
mcdonalds zekrom: 2$
jakks reshiram, black mark on left wing: 2$
jakks piplup: 3$
primal groudon tcg figure: 5$
jakks pikachu: 3$
jakks trash cloak burmy: 3$
squirtle keychain figure w/ pokeball: 4$
tomy suicune, lots of missing paint, uneven face: 2$
20th anniversary sleeping pika tomy, pearly paint: 4$
20th anniversary pecha berry pika tomy, pearly paint: 4$
genesect movie clear eevee kid figure: 3$
genesect movie clear axew kid figure: 3$
genesect movie clear pika kid figure: 3$
OR take all 3 genesect movie kids for 6$ !
eevee stadium figure: 2$
kangaskhan stadium figure 2$
pokeball stress ball(?): free with purchase
charmander tomy w/ pokeball: 5$


pokemon ultra moon: 25$
pokemon colluseum, disc only, some smudges/scratches, works fine: 15$
pokemon black/white ds screen cleaner: 2$ or free with purchase


burgerking gold jigglypuff card: 3$
wigglytuff coin: 2$
OR take both for 4$

primal clash playmat with damage counters: 4$

full art shapedo ex in sleeve: 10$
OR will trade for a luxray BREAK !

free with any purchase upon request! 1 per customer!

mcdonalds pika (x2)
mcdonalds tepig
pika tcg coin
joltik, galvantula, feroseed stickers
jakks giratina, some scuffs, only 1 wing

ALWAYS OPEN! check out my commission information HERE !


that's all the things i have for now, thank you for looking!

Tags: art, commissions, pokemon, sales
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